The beginning – Firmount

Are you sitting comfortably? Yes? Then let’s begin.  Once upon a time in a land far, far away lived two insane people. These two people decided that having children, full time jobs, long commutes, family and hobbies was not quite enough and something more stressful was needed to break the tranquillity.  Let’s call these people madthing one and madthing two.   These two madthings decided to buy an old house. a-front-view-house-ipad-with-sunset

Not just any old house mind. It had to be a house suitable for two madthings. A house that may even have housed mad people at one time.  And so it was, that in 2012 the  Department of Defence was selling such a house. A house called Firmount which the Department had lovingly concreted, boarded up and strip lighted – perfect for two madthings with their heads in the sand.


Where you and I might see a window, the Department saw an opportunity to use concrete…concrete windows, concrete floors, concrete ceilings, concrete doors….Dr Seuss would have been proud.


Of course the madthings thought this was marvellous and bought it instantly. Perhaps a wiser person, sitting in that auction room watching the only hand raised in bidding for Firmount house, could have foretold the things to come. But not so our bidders. They merely saw a house screaming out to be brought back to life, a house that had once been a hub of the Kildare community and would soon be again.  So come in dear readers, sit down a while.   This is where our adventure story really begins….first-floor-over-the-big-hall(Just so you know, Firmount House and Firmount Food Company blog will follow the exploits of David and Eilin as they try and save the house.  If you are not interested in that, you may be interested in the recipes that will come from all corners of the globe and which will come from people they meet as they take on this exciting journey.)

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